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Zuiderdam ??'s and info please....

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Cruise cutie, May 25, 2005.

  1. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave, saw some info on the lower post but wondered if I could get some info from HAL zealots..:grin..Princess I know inside out , but as luck would have it..the sailing that worked for DD's was HAL.....

    Our 2 daughters age 22 and 23 at the sailing they are on; ms Zuiderdam in August on the Eastern itinerary, are curious to know..They want to confirm 2 formal nights, and as they have a vast array of cocktail dresses, and gowns..and surely it is Country Club smart on several nights as well??...

    as this is their first cruise they cannot lose...They will not have any pre-conceived notions on a "bad cruise" so it's all going to be wonderful..it's a belated graduation from college present from DH and I for our youngest daughter from a year ago..being in the teacher realm means it HAD to be on school break..:lol and the oldest twin sister is the passenger along for the ride...on her dime...( she had her land cruise graduation from College trip to Aruba, the year before that..)..so I also know that automatic tipping and then extra as warranted is a surety...is there a "soda card" for purchase available??..I am well aware they will be trying the Frozen thingee's out but they also inquired on soda..not sure if this was a sop to Momma or as I know how much soda pop I purchase when they are home....:lol..and they really wanted to know..but figured I'd inquire...

    and at Half Moon Cay how much are '"floaties" or mats to rent...??..Thanks for your help..Told the girls they will really enjoy their evening meal one night at the Pinnacle Grill...as they are getting on HAL before DH and I, I am envious..the luck of the draw for the only week they had available to cruise and a ship we thought they would like..I appreciate any replies...Thanks..Joanne
  2. jas2

    jas2 Guest

    I was on the Zuiderdam last year and at that time soda cards were $27 and $33. The $27 one was for fountain drinks on the ship only and the $33 one included Half Moon Cay. I can't remember exactly what the mats cost but I'll try to remember to check tonight at home and let you know.
  3. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Hey, Joanne, congrats on getting DDs booked and welcome to the HAL forum! :thumb

    Floating mats are $6 each for an all-day rental at Half Moon Cay. The girls will receive a Shore Excursion Order Form for HMC in their cabin and the Floating Foam Mattress is listed under 'Toys'.

    Yes, they'll have 2 formal nights. The others are casual. HAL used to call it Elegantly Casual, then called it Resort Casual for a little while, and now it's just called Casual. There is a notation in the daily program about no jeans, shorts or tank tops; also, please observe the dress code for the entire evening. You know, the usual verbage, on most cruise lines at least (including Princess).

    If they plan to eat one night in Pinnacle Grill, tell them to be sure to make a reservation as soon as they can after they board the ship. Also, if they pre-book for the first night, it's 1/2 price ($10pp rather than $20pp).

    Janine already covered soda cards---which is good cuz the only time I drink soda is when there's a little alcoholic enhancement to it! :grin

    I hope the girls have a great time on Zuiderdam. You and Mark need to give HAL a try one of these years!

    Anymore questions, just ask away....
  4. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Oops, sorry, Joanne...another dang senior moment! :lol

    2 formal, 4 casual, 1 informal (not 5 casual like I said--guess I was thinking of Princess). Informal is dress, dressy pantsuit or pants outfit for the girls.

    Sheesh, I hate getting old!
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave ,Thanks for all the help, and My brain cramps are directly proportional to how hard my work day has been..:grin..l hate to say..I am constantly re-alligning my brain patterns.sigh work has been brutal..time for a vacation, alas it's 4 1/2 more months....:(...., thanks..:)..Joanne

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