Zuiderdam Sailing 9/17/05-9/24/05.



Hello all, I have a few questions regarding HAL Zuiderdam. Since I'm sailing during hurricane season, does HAL go around it? I went during the same time 3 years ago and NCL went around the storm. Are we allowed to bring soda, water, & miniature bottles of liquor on board? If not, do they check your carry on bags while going through security at the Port? Has anyone had connecting suites SS8083 & SS8085?

Kim Owens


All cruise ships will attempt to circumnavigate a hurricane, even to the extent of reversing ports of call, or, in some cases, cancelling them altogether. You are allowed to bring soda and water on board, but the official policy with regard to alchohol is that passengers are not allowed to bring it onboard period. In reality, it is not difficult to smuggle it on board in your checked luggage. They will check your carry on's if they feel it is justified to do so.