Zuiderdam - Shore Excursions Thru HAL or On Your Own?



I will be on the Zuiderdam on Apr. 24, and I'm not sure if I should book some excursions thru HAL or just do them on my own. I would like to go to the Baths on Virgin Gorda, but I am concerned that the HAL excusion doesn't allow for enough time at the Baths. Has anyone done this excursion that could comment? I will either take the ferry to Virgin Gorda on my own and spend the day at the Baths or do the HAL excusion in the morning, and maybe if there's enough time, try to spend a couple of hours at Cane Garden beach.

I am also debating on whether to do go to St. John on my own for the day when we stop in St. Thomas, or take the HAL excursion to Trunk Bay in the morning, and then maybe go to one of the beaches (Sapphire?) in the afternoon. I am concerned that I will not have enough time at Trunk Bay on the HAL excursion.

Any advice?


I've been to the Baths a number of times, but before it became a cruise ship stop. We got there via tall ship, and then over to the Baths by launch. It's a very unique, but has a very small beach area, and navigating those boats in and out of there is really tricky, because the water is choppy around all those boulders. There are no facilities right on the beach, but there's a nice little restaurant/pool/bars/shops area at the top of the hill. Tricky walking up there, though. Then, there's also Mad Dogs at the top of the hill....great Painkillers as well as their annual souvenir T-shirt!

I don't know if you'd have time to go to both Trunk Bay and Sapphire Beach in the same day. If it were me, I'd do Trunk Bay on my own for the day. Just remember...it's a 45-minute ferry ride each way, and you have to go by the ferry schedule.

I was on the Zuiderdam last May, and loved it! We did the Western, though. The only problem was the Queen's Disco "movie" theater. Great movies, but lousy and uncomfortable seating. Hope this helps!

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