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Zuiderdam Shore Excursions to Baths and Trunk Bay

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by BabsD, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. BabsD

    BabsD Guest

    I will be on the Zuiderdam on Apr. 24, and I am interested in these 2 excursions. Can anyone give me some feedback on these excursions? Do you have enough time at Trunk Bay and the Baths or would I be better off doing them myself so I can spend more time at each? Approximately how much time is spent at each vs. how much time is spent getting back and forth?
  2. jlof

    jlof Guest

    You would be better off doing the Baths yourself. We took the ship's tour last week and did not feel we had enough time there--only about 1.5 hours at the Baths. Plus, it is so expensive!
  3. BabsD

    BabsD Guest

    Thanks for the info. I guess I'll use Speedy's or Smith's Ferry to go over to the Baths.

    Can anybody give me some advice about the ship's excursion to Trunk Bay on St. John?

  4. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

  5. BabsD

    BabsD Guest

    I tried that link and it didn't work for me. Is there another way to get to that info?
  6. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    Sorry Babs, I typed in what was at the bottom of the map/info I had printed.

    I just tried doing it this way and it works fine. Go to the main site below and then click on MAP (at the bottom of that page). It's a wonderful map!


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