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Zuiderdam SS cabins

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by tterry, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. tterry

    tterry Guest

    Has anybody ever booked on of these cabins. If so, what is your opinion of them. We are booked in #6064.
  2. Golfgrl1911

    Golfgrl1911 Guest

    Last September we had a VD veranda cabin booked, when hurricane Jeanne shortened our cruise from 7 to 5 nights alot of people must have just cancelled because when we boarded we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to an SS. We were given a tour of SS suite #8059 on the Navigation deck and Immediately purchased the upgrade! It was wonderful!! The size of the balcony, twin sinks & extra shower in the bathroom and extra size of the room were well worth it! So much so that we purchased another cruise on the same ship (Zuiderdam) with the same room 2 weeks after we returned! Do not hesitate to book an SS suite! Good Luck, Chef Nancy
    p.s. If you're booking soon please ask your TA about promo# 267. It gives purchasers of SS or S suites a $50.00 pp shipboard credit!
  3. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Before a stampede on promos starts again - promo 267 is available only to certain agencies who qualify, and only on certain cruises. It is NOT an across-the-board promo....
  4. denisehowell

    denisehowell Guest

    tterry - When are you going on your trip? I'm going the week of July 9th and am booked in an SS suite as well. My whole family (10 cabins) are booked on the same level, 8 of which are SS cabins. I will be in SS6077 - the other side of the ship from yours. If you go after us, I will be happy to send you a full review. We chose these cabins because they weren't much more than the VC cabins, but offered so much more space!
  5. Popdog

    Popdog Guest

    We had an SS on the Zuiderdam March 2004. They have since upgraded all the matteress, pillows and sheets in all staterooms but at that time only SS and up had them. The cabins are spacious and have whirlpool baths and double sinks.
    There are a few other aminities but no use of the Neptune Lounge or Concierge.
  6. TeriM50

    TeriM50 Guest

    We are booked in SS6113 in just one short week, the March 12 sailing on the Zuiderdam. We will let you know how great it is!!!
  7. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    i was on the zuiderdam last fall. Any stateroom you book will be good
  8. scubachic

    scubachic Guest

  9. Spender Nui

    Spender Nui Guest

    Do the SS Suites have access to the Neptune Lounge?
  10. Golfgrl1911

    Golfgrl1911 Guest

    Sorry........only S suites are allowed to use the Neptune Lounge. We just go to the Lido Buffet and take the goodies back to the cabin.
  11. Speaking of the Lido Buffet - is there an open air area to take your plate? I like to eat outdoors and don't know if this ship has an outdoor area at the back of the ship.
  12. Golfgrl1911

    Golfgrl1911 Guest

    We just head out the doors to the Aft pool area to enjy the sea breeze while munching! They're on the same deck merely steps away!
  13. TeriM50

    TeriM50 Guest

    The SS cabin was great, just the right size. And if you do enjoy dining in the sea air, try your balconey. On this ship they will deliver room service off the dinner menu, if you order in the first hour. It can make for a very romantic evening. The only problem we had was the water in the whirlpool tub turned my hair green. Steward said it was a problem in a few cabins, green rings around the tubs. and I never even got an apology, But other than that, the cabin was great. happy sailing.
  14. Denbo

    Denbo Guest

    Hello everyone - thanks for the tips for sailing on the Zuiderdam. We're scheduled to sail on Oct 8th.

    We have an SS cabin 8082.

    Have they upgraded the bedding yet? Any other tips on what to bring to make the room comfortable?

    Thanks in advance,

  15. 941Cass

    941Cass Guest

    last April we were in 6052 and it was WONDERFUL!!! it's nice to have the extras (double sink and a tub/shower and separate shower) in the bathroom so that both of us could get ready at the same time (in smaller suites...one of us had to go first...it was usually me...then I had to wait for Hubby to get ready). Balcony space was good too. We had breakfast on the balcony several times. (and I usually sleep on the balcony for at least half the night...Paridise!!!) Cabin size was good...we didn't feel like we were tripping over each other or having to walk on the bed to get across the room!

    We were used to the smaller HAL ships and were a little apprehensive about the size of Zuiderdam...but she was magnificant! And the thermal spa is to die for! heated tile lounges that overlook a glass wall of open ocean. I took a book with me and lasted about 10 seconds before I was fast asleep! and nice selection of various saunas. tried to get up there every day! as soon as you board...go to the spa if you're interested. they have good packages then and you also get the best selection for times.

    and be careful about your dinner seating...it's easy to get confused and enter the dining room at the wrong time on the wrong level.

    Due to the "Z" size...neither of us gained any weight during the cruise! (some folks complain about the L-O-N-G walk...but we found it to be healthy). She's a beauty...enjoy! You won't be disappointed.

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