Zuiderdam SS Grade



I have seen posts that say that with S grades you get priority tender passes and various other benefits on board, do you get anything with an SS grade Superior Verandah Suite - as I can't seem to find any mention in the brochure.

We were thinking of deck 8 (Navigation deck) a midship suite near the elevators, but have seen comments saying that the people in the elevators can see onto your balcony - is this the case for all suites either side, or just the ones immediately adjacent to the elevators. Any comments on SS grades most welcome (in particular SS 8072).

Thank you!


The only "S" suite verandas that are visible from the glass elevator are the ones immediately beside the elevators ....the verandas second removed from the elevator are not visibile. I carefully looked and could only see onto the ones right beside the elevator.

As to special amenities, they are only available to pax in category "S" and "PS". No special ammenities for "SS".