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Zzzz I'm back! Alaska YEA! NCL NO!!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by duskbat, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. kitten

    kitten Well-Known Member

    Welcome back home! Sorry you didn't like the cruise line tho, I think the only pretty thing about the NCL's ship's are their painted hulls! Catch up on your rest and then fill us in on your cruise later! :)
  2. Cruzman

    Cruzman Well-Known Member

    Let's not also forget that NCL's poor maintenance of the Norway led to the boiler explosion that Killed/injured several crew members, and eventually led to her being scrapped. I'll betcha that a similar fate awaits the SS United States.
  3. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    I would be very relieved to see the SS United States OUT of their hands!
  4. Whimsy

    Whimsy Well-Known Member

    Hey Duskbat. I was wondering where you was, I forgot about your cruise.

    I'll be looking forward to your review. I have enjoyed your photo tours of the Fantasy on youtube. Hurry up and rest and then tell us all about your trip.
  5. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    well my 2 cents...AGAIN...I go every year on either the Pearl or Jewel and have a blast each and every time. I truly do not understand what other people are experiencing that p$%$%$ 'em off so much. Oh I've heard and read the complaints and such and still never have experienced the negatives that are brought up. ever.

    Annnd to boot, they are profitable and stay occupied... "Occupancy was 109.6% compared with 107.9% in the second quarter of 2008, and was the highest occupancy for a second quarter since 2001." They are doing something right here...or people would just go on another Carnivor cruise.
  6. herb

    herb First Original Member

    their low fares are quite enticing :D
  7. gottagoacruzn

    gottagoacruzn Well-Known Member

    Hi, several years ago, after sailing Rccl, I decided to try Ncl Norway, well no more will I sail on Ncl, the Norway stunck, the food was terrible, & etc., now Rccl has me for life, even now and then I stray to Princess, I always come back home to rcl. Ya just cant beat them, rcl.
  8. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    ahh common, you can't EVEN compare that junker to current ships...your pullin my leg...right?RIGHT?

    Norway 1961/ 1979-2003
    Scrapped in 2007 at Alang, India.

    and I mean scrapped. Try something built this century.2000+
  9. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Your comments about the SS Norway are offensive to people of good taste. That NCL trashed her towards the end and didn't maintain her properly, yes. But this stately lady was beloved by many.

    Mary Ann
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Senior Flea Coller Tester

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    We did a two day cruise to nowhere on the Dawn Princess years ago. The ship was lovely, I loved the alternative restaurants, and the video screens that tell you how long a wait to be seated in each restaurant. Everything else was :thumbdown:. I went to a craft class on board. Lots of ladies there...no instructor. She showed up 5 minutes before the end of the class and admitted she forgot. The food was ok. The crew didn't seem happy. Wonder if a duckie crew would cheer them up?
  11. duskbat

    duskbat Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for the welcome back/
    I have a terrible flu from Delta airlines. THose airplanes are FILTHY!

    About NCL
    I had a great cruise and will post an expanded review.
    Issues with NCL
    The officers are some mean jerks. Irronicly the capt on the Pearl was the Capt i had on the Norway. He told me he was glad they got rid of the junker. what a shame the norway was a special ship and i loved sailing on her. After my photo with capt he refused to shake my hand. my fault for offering due to his fear of swine flu and diharriea but he just told me to get away from him. He said he was busy. No one else was in line for capt photos.
    Also on NCL sun the capt assulted me at the photo opp by squeezing my neck with extreaming pressure and forcing me aside just because i asked questions that were normal to ask a capt. take youe 25 dolllar photo op and move away fast. I didnt pay for the photo. what a jerk.
    On NCL the Staff are working for themselves not working for you. If the staff on carnival acted like NCL staff they would be fired and and would have to work for NCL.
    Security was called on me by cabin lady because i used her vacume to clean my filthy cabin. the Gurka said i upset his staff and i breeched security by vacuuming. attn terrorist. use a vacuum to hijack a ship very dangerous. they shouldnt have left the vacuum out all nite in the hallway. Extream dust and human hair all over the cabin. My familys cabin on the other end of the vessel was clean so this was isolated.
    Dining room staff had no intrest in serving you and wanted to get the hell outta there and get to the crew lounge or get to the end of there contract. On the last morning we waited at out dining room table 45 minutes to get water and place order. the dining roomw as only 20 % full too.
    I signed up for the ship behind the scene tour. I canceled it 2 days later and a purser grilled me another day later when she found out i cancled it, she said i wasted their time by siging up at the desk and canceling the tour and i would be sorry. at this point i was already sorry. I found out the tour is just of the garbage room on the ship and a walk thru the kitchen. I hear princess allowes real bridge and engine room tour. NCL said thats a security risk. Oh darn i was so excited to blow up the Pearl too ;( Or shake the officers hand on the bridge and give them the runs. NCL does not trust you and will follow every move you make with 100,000 cameras around the vessel. Take note not to toss your spouse overboard on NCL they will catch ya!.

    some exceptions. A few staff members are top notch and remembered me from my previous NCL cruises. a Casino atendant who knew me ever comped me a beer! OMG a 1st on any cruise a free beer!

    Food was nice ansd tasty for most part. and most of the ppl on the ship were clean and behaved nicly unlike caribbean cruises.

    Sorry i type bad i am very sleepy and running up to blow nose every few mins.
    I will sail NCL again i guess and i would love to try the epic out. i am a carnival/ princess man tho.

    On Carnival i feel free, I can be myself and i am on a cruise. WIth NCL I have to cruise their way not my way. I am sure Many folks can over look the way i see it, i consider myself a cruise pro 15 cruises so far. I made up my mind and I am for Carnival. NCL i will cruise very seldom from now on. Its still a cruise and had an awesome time. I hate to be negitive but NCL upsets me.

    Ok time for some cold and flu stuff and i get outta here. Happy cruises.


    Last edited: Sep 3, 2009
  12. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    offensive? Taste? If you are implying I have no taste that is poor taste in itself. MY opinion is worth just as much as YOURS Mary. Poor poor people can't skip my post because why? If you don't like it...don't read it. YOU feel the need to berate me about some ship comment.
  13. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Come off it, Barry. My comments are not against you personally. They refer to what you said, and yes, you ARE entitled to your own opinion. There are MANY MANY fine ships that entered service prior to 2000 and still sparkle today. Are they junkers because they pre-date the new millennium?

    My point strictly was - and still is - many cruisers LOVED the SS Norway, as deteriorated as she became under NCL, and she held special memories for them. They would find your description of her offensive.
  14. NiteStar

    NiteStar Well-Known Member

    I've sailed the Norwegian Sea twice and thankfully I didn't encounter ANY of the problems that others have had. Both cruises were wonderful, including the crew, and I personally wouldn't hesitate to cruise NCL again. I will admit that my two cruises were in 1999 and 2000, and perhaps things have changed since then, but I would sail NCL again before I would sail Royal Caribbean. Out of the 20 cruises I've been on, I've only been treated rudely on the RCI cruises. And even at that, I would still sail RCI again.
  15. duskbat

    duskbat Well-Known Member

    S h i p h a p p e n s!
  16. Lurline63

    Lurline63 Well-Known Member

    Before I pose a question to Dusky, I must get this out of the way first:

    This is not just offensive (as ShipMaven noted), but the last line in particular is downright cruel. There are many who loved this ship and were heartbroken to see her gradually cut apart and destroyed in Alang over the course of a year.

    Now, onto Dusky.

    Thank you for sharing the particulars with us. I am confused about a couple of things though. First, you say the captain assaulted you? This would have been in front of witnesses, one of whom was taking a photo, so I don't quite get it. Also, about the vacuum, might their concern have been that a passenger (in this case, you, but would apply to all pax in general) might have tampered with it? I'm just wondering if they mentioned this to you. Of course, leaving it in the corridor all day means it's out of their sight, also, unless you count all of those cameras. :)

    Overall, I am glad you had a good cruise, though.
  17. Whimsy

    Whimsy Well-Known Member

    Duskbat, sorry you had so many problems with your cruise. I'm also sorry you are so sick. Take care and get better soon.
  18. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Well-Known Member

    Dusky, Glad you enjoyed Alaska. Sorry to hear your under the weather.

    As for the "other" comments made by a few people, I'll keep my comments to myself, or the Capt. would kick me off the sandbox.
  19. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

  20. Judi

    Judi Well-Known Member

    TC, I'm with you about comments on the "few people," but I might be thrown out of cyberspace if I said what I wanted! Besides, the best thing to do with those type of people is ignore them....bugs them to no end! :D

    Dusky, glad you liked Alaska, but sorry you got sick. As for NCL, we've found Carnival to be head and shoulders above them in service, food quality, food quantity and food presentation!
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