Zzzz I'm back! Alaska YEA! NCL NO!!

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OK. Everybody calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. .... This isn't CC. Can't we all just get along????????

What wurks for some doesn't wurk for everyone. Duskie had a bad experience. So have some others. Lisa has been very happy with NCL. So have some others.

Now, let's all hold hands and sing, .... "Kum by ya, my Lord... Kum by ya ... " ... "We are fam-i-ly. I got all my sisters and me ...."
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Corky, I'm so sorry. I'm the one with the red face. My note wasn't directed to you personally (under mistaken circumstances, as I now know), but to the NCL bashers in general, and I finally hit my boiling point with this thread in its entirety. Many, many apologies to you.
Lisa - Thank you for the apology, I wished I had seen it earlier and posted as such so you knew that I saw it. I never thought another thing about it and never even came back here. You and I are just fine, no worries. I've always enjoyed your friendship here and hope to continue doing so. You are a very special person and I am glad to know you. (((HUGS))) and (((KISSES))) :)


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All posters need to remember that they can have different opinions but, must not offend another. Just because Poster A doesn't agree with Poster B doesn't make them any less of a member of this community. We welcome a good debate but, the content of the posts can make all the difference. Words are powerful and I ask that users follow our terms of service.
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