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    Cruise Addicts visits the Carnival Sunshine and gives the PYOB! (Pour Your Own Beer) Station a test run. We saw two of these Beer Stations in the buffet area. One is next to the Deli and the other next to the Pizza station. We hope you enjoy this information.
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    Florida’s Port Canaveral is becoming more popular all the time, and for good reason. Cruise lines are positioning more ships at the Space Coast port than ever, bringing more choices to more destinations. New facilities at the port, along with value-priced pre and post-cruise ...
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    Regardless of how we plan and book cruise travel, making a booking and paying a deposit is just the beginning of the process. There are many other ways to save money and stretch the travel budget after booking, most of which are not given a second thought by most travelers.
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    By big ship or small ship, river or ocean, cruise vacations done right pack a lot of value for today's traveler. Once the domain of 'the newly-wed or nearly-dead' as the old saying goes, travel via cruise ship has some distinct advantages over other options. One of those advantages is making enduring travel memories.

    A decade from now, those who chose cruise travel over other ways to go won't remember ...
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    You probably have heard "What happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas". Well, A new service now says "What Happens Over Vegas Stays Over Vegas". I know this isn't exactly traditional cruising but, this might be a trip to remember.

    The service is called Love Cloud and it promises to fly you and guest to exactly 5,280 feet (exactly one mile up). They promise it will only ...
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    Watch our Cruise Shipping Miami 2014 Montage which shows you some highlights of this years 30th Anniversary.

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    While many cruise vacations begin and end in Florida, sailing from a home port near you can offer some distinct advantages. Driving to the embarkation port can save on transportation costs. No flying also means no boarding groups, no jockeying for overhead bin space and no checked or lost luggage. In 2015, Carnival Cruise Lines returns to Norfolk, Virginia, sailing 3,006-passenger Carnival Splendor on a variety of itineraries. It's a short season, long on cruise travel opportunities. ...
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    Learning about history; how it affected the world and the lessons for future generations is a classic learning model everyone who has the ability to read this should relate to. Regardless of when and where the topics of world history and geography were taught, some people come away from the experience inspired to learn more. Others get through it and move along. Then ...
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