A couple Pride questions



I'm cruising on the Pride on 11/02 - WOO HOO!! Anyway, couple of quick questions. I've heard people bringing booze on the ship with them in checked luggage...what about carry on? I was thinking of bringing a smaller, carry on sized, suitcase to put alcohol and bottled water in.
Also, we are doing the Eastern Caribbean stopping in St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We would like to snorkel, but don't feel the need to do it in both ports. Does anyone have any suggestions which has better snorkeling excursions? We would like to see as much as we can of both islands without feeling rushed (or spending a TON of money).


Do not carry on any booze accept wine. Carnival will allow you to bring wine onboard "for a special occasion". Put beer or hard liquor in your check in luggage; just be sure to wrap and pack it properly. As for snorkeling, I would recommend one of the tours in St. Thomas that takes you to St. John for snorkeling, or go to Magan's Bay and snorkel on your own.

kathy vicchiollo

i would not carry on they Will take it but you can carry on soda and water, i packed 2 12 pack of beer in checked bags on pride sept 7. as for snorkeling, there are not that many fish at megans bay but coki has a large number of fish. i would suggest booking with godfrey...$20 pp for the whole day. he picks you up at the ship, takes you on a tour of the island( don't forget your camera great photo shots) www.godfreytourssvi.com
st martin is a great island shopping is much better there but the beaches are rocky. i'm sure your going to half moon key...this is your best port, the beach is so soft its like baby powder, lots of fish...best beach i've seen in 15 cruises and that encludes hawaii!