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Advice on a Alaskan Cruise

Hello! My first post. I would like to know what cruise line you would recommend for our 1st Alaska cruise? I would like to do land and sea. Thank you in advance!


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Though all the cruise lines do Alaska I feel that Princess or Holland America are the best players for Alaska
and with a cruise tour my recommendation would be Princess


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I would recommend one that leaves out of Vancouver.. Those lines mentioned above plus Celebrity and others do that of course and I would be OK with them. There are others..... but i do not have any personal experience with them. RCL has a round tripper out of Seattle too.
Vancouver departure gets you way more scenery in and along the Inside Passage. Have a buddy from Seattle that just did another trip out of Vancouver and swears he won't leave from Seattle again. Well not until he does anyways. Budget and ships for kids will always be at play but the scenery can't be beat on a trip out of Vancouver. Out of Seattle you sail outside Vancouver Island in the Ocean..no one between you and Japan. Inside lots of trees and Mountains and yes even whales and Eagles... oh My.


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Most of all, go prepared!! You never know what the weather will be like. I've had friends up there in Aug an the weather was 85, they went a yr later, an they were freezing.