Beach Recommendations in Cozumel


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Would like to get some recomemndations on a great beach to go to while in port this Saturday via the Radiance of the Seas to take my mom. She loves the beach but needs a shaded chair. I want to take out a jet ski.
Any ideas on which to go to that are NOT part of the ship's tours that are safe and easy to get to from the port.


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You might try the Paradise Beach area.

I miss Cozumel...I haven't been for a couple of years now.



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We usually grab a cab and pick a beach. Paradise is nice. Chankanabb is the only place that we have done twice. If you want to get away from the crowds, Playa Palancar is nice. (No Jet Skies though). To tell the truth, I have never found a beach on Coz that I didn't like.


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We went to theOcean VIP Beach andMr. Sanchos Beach in the past and enjoyed both locations very much!


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ok... been to Coz several times, and from experience i would stick to the western side of the island for beaches. most of the beaches on the eastern side are rocky, and some of them can be quite sharp(not a place to take a fall). the farther north you go on the eastern side the beaches become a little more sandy and less rocky. Chankanabb is a nice place to spend a few hours on their beach, but they have much more to do than simply sit under a palapa drinking a cold drink... they have the dolphin encounter, a small zoo? if you want to call it shops, etc. there is a cover charge of about 26 USD i think, just for entry into the park, and more for other activities you can choose from. as for shade, you shouldn't have any trouble finding shade at any of the private beaches, and a couple at some of the public ones. usually in the form of a thatch roofed palapas or larger covered bars and pool areas. if you have the time you may want to check out Coz on tripadvisor....


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I just got back from Chankanaab and my wife and I booked a discover scuba deal with Aqua Adventures. If you book with them ahead of time the cost to dive includes the entrance fee to the park. It cost me $80.00 for my wife who is not certified and I only had to pay $40.00 since I am certified, they did a GREAT job with her and we will be doing this again. I love doing this little shore dive its always fun and plenty to see. I do recommend the Aqua Adventure guys though they really did do a good job with us, their site is I will definitely use them again the next time we are in Coz.