Carnival Victory - HORRIBLE GHETTO SHIP!


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Hello to all ,

I just got back from our 3day cruise to the bahamas

This ships is Horrible ,Small and crowd whirlpools and Pools. This is my 10th Cruise and its making me seriously consider if I would ever book another Carnival cruise. The lido buffet was always full, long lines and little to none variety of food.
Like I said on the tittle, this is was a ghetto ship, loud and rude people everywhere and the security staff would not do a thing to maintain order. THIS IS DEFINETLY NOT A FAMILY CRUISE, BUT EITHER A PARTY CRUISE. In our 3 days trip to Bahamas there was not deck parties, or good Broadway shows like in others cruise lines.
Please do yourself a big favor and do not book this cruise!!!!!!!!!!! Go with royal or Norwegian, I know price is a big factor for people going to carnival but believe me is not worth it.
This looks more like a refugee camp than a Cruise… We call the lido "THE SOUP KITCHEN"


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Well victor as a first post this sure tells us how you really feel. I have yet to sail on Carnival let alone a 3 dayer. Literally hundreds of thousands of people sail on Carnival. So that of course tells us something different. I'm not saying you are wrong in you opinion... but .....?
What ship is it that does the 3 dayers?? Could you explain a bit more your sentence about a party cruise. ? Bit mixed up there.


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Hi Bseabob

I sailed on the Mariner of the seas last year and it was great , the Navigator of the seas is a great 3 day cruise as well.

I dont consider this ship to be a party ship either for the lack of entertainment , there was not night deck parties like on others cruise , just a rundown disco on the 5th floor and that's it.

I have sailed with carnival on 5 different occasions and this was the worst
we saw fights for everything. It was a ghetto ship , horrible just horrible .