France: Getting From Toulon to Cannes, Am I Nuts?


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Hi! We will be in Toulon this May on the Celebrity Solstice (port call from 7 am - 5 pm on a Tuesday) and we have always wanted to see Cannes. I'm not sure if we are nuts to attempt to do this on our own considering our short port stay, but I've researched both rental cars (supposedly a 1 hour, 20 minute drive each way) and the local train (about the same amount of time, decent schedule departing around 8:15 am and returning around 2:45 pm).

Has anyone done this before and if so, what would you recommend -- a rental car or the train? I'm fully aware our time constraints will severely limit what we will get to see in Cannes, but I'm mostly concerned about the smartest mode of transport (and if this is too ambitious of a goal).

If you've rented a car, how difficult was it to navigate / park in the city? If you've taken the train, where does it drop you off in Cannes? Is it easy to reach from the Toulon port?

I would appreciate any comments or advice anyone can give me, and I'm looking forward to my first trip to Europe!


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I have been to Toulon but not yet to Cannes, but I will go there this October.

If Solstice will dock at the same pier as Voyager docked in 2010 when I was in Toulon, it will be some distance to Toulon city center and the railway station. I guess there will be a shuttle service from the pier but it will reduce your available time by up to an hour in total (can't remember exactly how long time it took from the ship to the city center).
Do you know where Solstice docks in Toulon?

One more thing about trains in France; I planned to go from Villefranche to Monaco but there was a strike and all trains were cancelled. Apparently this is not uncommon in France.

About driving in France, I have no own experience. I guess there can be a lot of traffic in the cities but it should be OK out on the main roads. I looked in a guide book about the French riviera and it says about driving;
"Driving in the French Riviera is a pleasant experience, except in the cities and at popular tourist sites. During the summer it is almost impossible to park your car. It can be difficult other times too."

I was thinking of renting a car myself and drive from Villefranche to Cannes this October as Liberty of the Seas is anchored just outside of Villefranche but during one cruise (Oct 6 from Barcelona) it is anchored outside of Cannes instead so I booked that cruise. :boogie:

Let's hope there are any other C@'s that have been driving around in the French Riviera that can give you better advice.

Oh, I almost forgot to say; welcome to Europe! If you are interested in ancient history you will have a good time in the Med, and you will for sure be exhaused as there is so much to see. Have a nice cruise!