Good Saturday Morning Afters



Brrrrrrr it is cold here. We have had high winds all night. Gusts up to 60mph which are creating ground blizzards here.

I have to get an oil change and have a new battery put in my car today. Echange a ski parka Audra gave me it fits, but I prefer my coats a bit larger I hate feeling all tight.

Then it is grocery shopping and home to get snuggled in for the rest of the weekend. I have to clean off this desk and decide what information I want to transfer to my new computer. Some pictures I will burn onto CDR's. Then I can begin the transfer of information to the new computer and download my Earthlink etc.

So that is about it on this end. Once I go out this morning I'll be hunkering down inside for the rest of the weekend, resting and making a big pot of beef stew. I may bake some cookies.

Everyone have a good day!

Oh yea I forgot of course I will be watching the N.E. Patriots to see if they break records tonight. Go Pats!


Ahoy Afters..coming to you live this afternoon from Glendora NJ and my sister's computer. Got the prime rib in the oven and just watching it cook. :lol Got all my sisters, their families, my parents, BIL's parents and good friends coming for dinner....20 in all.

Got some rain last night but it was a mild 50 degrees this morning at 9:00..not sure how warm it is now but unusaly for this time of year.

Not much else happening...just wanted to check in and say "HI". We will be here till early Monday a.m.....we will leave from here and head right to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Leatherneck's Gastro appointment, then head home after that. Catch ya'all later.