Good Saturday morning!


The Euro Connection Special Contributor
Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.
It should be an sunny day today, still dark outside but let's wait and see. You really start to notice, that days are getting longer and longer, you don't do it in the morning but you do it in the afternoon/ evening. Sunset today is at 3:45 pm. Temperature today should range between 25 and 30 F. Don't work this weekend, try to stay outdoors today much as possible since the weather will be quite nice.
Everybody have a great day.


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
Good morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

The day starts sunny but it will soon be cloudy according to the forecast.
The temperature will be in the low 30’s during the day and go down to the low 20’s tonight.

I wish you all a nice Saturday!


George C

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Good morning y’all, cool day here 43 and high will be just upper 40’s . Will stay home today watch football and make our pasta sauce and meatballs , we make a huge pot then freeze it .