Jewelry fiasco



I'm glad that the matter is proceeding, hopefully toward a satisfactory resolution. In your original post, it seemed as if nobody was willing to listen. True, it's a hassle; but there appears to be an end in sight. $1500 is a considerable sum, and the bracelet should have contained stones of reasonably good quality. I wish your SIL the best of luck!


please keep us posted on what happens. I've personally always been happy with my purchases, and will continue to shop in St. Thomas. I have also heard of persons with problems and RCI has taken care of them.


I was wrong in saying that RCI had told Beth to get an appraisal, it came directly from Omni, and they left the choice to her, as long as it was a certified gemologist and he was not selling similar items. She consulted one, and he told her the first appraisal was not accurate, there was only one cracked ruby, and all of the diamonds were, in fact, diamonds, just not the best quality, which she knew before she bought it. This is her email to me regarding the appraisal:
---Omni Jewelers call me Monday and said that I could return the bracelet for a full refund or they would replace the broken stone.. I mailed it yesterday for a full refund. Onboard media didn't do much in resolving this issue. I still haven't heard from them.
I called Vicki yesterday( our travel agent) , she said that she is telling people not to shop at OMNI. She hasn't heard anything about the first letter that I wrote to RCCL. I am going to write them another letter asking for reimbursement for the appraisal and postage to return the bracelet plus my time. But I want to see the credit for the bracelet first.----


Connie --

I am glad for your sister that somebody is working to make her whole. If Omni does refund her money, that TA ought to stop telling people not to shop there. If they refund the money, they have integrity & that's more than you can say for a lot of folks these days.


Beth informed me yesterday that Omni has refunded her full purchase price for the bracelet. As far as I know, she never did hear from RCI. We have other issues with RCI regarding the awful shuttle service both before and after the cruise, have not heard from them about that, either. Thanks to all of you for your concern and posts. connie


I purchased a scarab bracelet from Omni Internation in St. Maarten in July 2003 for $350.00, and by the time I got back to my cabin one of the stones had fallen out. By the next day 2 more stones had fallen out, so when I got back home, I called Omni and they told me to return the bracelet and they would credit my credit card.
Well, I did exactly as they advised (in the meantime, I advised AMEX that I was returning an item and why , and was told that they would handle it from there).....Well, needless to say, Omni received the bracelet, AMEX kept in contact with them for the credit, which was never given by Omni. AMEX eventually credited my account 3 months later with the charge......but wit no response from Omni. They probably fixed the bracelet and re-sold it, making a good profit.

I will never buy anything else from Omni International and I will ALWAYS make any purchase abroad with my American Express card as they are ALWAYS helpful with returns, etc.


Ok, last chapter in this book. Our travel agent had not heard from RCI since she sent them Beth's letter in April.. She made contact with them and asked why they had not answered. They said, "You need to send your letter to the Media department to get an answer." Vicky, our ta, answered that she had indeed sent the letter to the correct department and had been ignored. RCI's answer was that they did not intend to do anything for Beth, at all. Period. This is reason number one why they have lost us as passengers on future cruises. Reason number two will be dealt with in another post, shuttle fiasco. Stay tuned. =grrr


When I look at the jewellry in the Caribbean and the prices they want, you might as well buy from an on line auction or ebay for a bout 1/3 the price. The Tanzanite and opal rings they want 1500 for in Cozumel can be had for 495 on line.

It took me one cruise on Carnival to figure out the so called"recommended shopping" We now never attend the port shopping talks and consider this one of the biggest scams on board. Not too impressed with the art auctions either.

We love cruising, and would prefer to keep our money to ay for the next cruise.