Maw's Office Ramble



Grab a cuppa and come on by and chat---I really am off to an early start here on my second cup of coffee. Watching the news and catching up on Rita and teh Jet Blue Plane. Paw agrees that plane is the reason he would rather drive to port but $5 a gallon gas sounds like I may just have to stay at port forever can't aford to drive that. Have my suitfcases on bed and started putting some things in yesterday. Tried on some clothes and went back to replanning what to wear. If it isn't comfortable it is not going with me no matter how good it would look.

Paw went out to mow yesterday and got stung 7 places by something ?????. He came back to house on mower and even went over our little bridge with the blade down he was in such a hurry. He had gotten stung once last week in the same area. Later in day he put on what he called his hazard suit(long pants and a rain jacket and went and put the mower away. He checked and found something which was swarming around a hole in the ground.. He could not identify what it was. He did empty a can of wasp spray in on them and plans to take some lighter fluid out today and burn them out.(He will wear the hazard suit.) Each sting has quite a big swelled area around it. Poor Paw was miserable with them all evening.

Come join us Saturday Sept 24 in Springfield, Mo. at the Tres Hombres, near intersection of Highway 65 and Bartlesfield Road at 11:30 for an Addicts meeting. If your cruise got cancelled come on and be with some other addicts.

What is happening in your cornor of the sand box?


Good morning maw. I hope that paw is feeling better. What an ordeal!

I'm just about ready to leave for work, where I will have my second cuppa Earl Grey tea. So far, it's one of those rare days between major projects, so I'll be able to do some catching up on the small stuff.

I also have a job interview today. This is round 1 and will be conducted over the phone. The position is with my company's major competitor. The invitation to interview came within 2 hours of sending my resume. The job description is almost exactly what I currently do, but is more focused on the components I enjoy the most. The hairy part is going to be how to explain why I'm leaving without giving them too much info about the state of my current company. I have to be mindful that I am talking to a competitor and that until the paychecks stop coming my loyalty is with my current company.

I enjoyed the season premiere of LOST last night... can't wait until next week now. :)

Jill B

G'Day Maw. Sorry to hear Paw got some stings. Hopefully he will solve the problem.

Lisa63, good luck with the job interview.

Not a lot happening here, apart from work, work, work, as usual. This morning, after starting yet another quilt last night, I decided to count how many I have made since bitten by the bug 7 years ago. 34 quilts! I can't believe it! I initially guessed about a dozen, but after going from room to room and counting, and also adding the ones given as gifts, that is the total. Not all are large, some are wall hanging size, and 3 are mini's, but quilts just the same. And all the other projects too; cushions, teddy bears, doll houses, Christmas crafts, ribbon embroidery, folk art.......................I don't know where I have found the time to do any of this, and work full time too. Whew.............:dizzy (and I do sleep at least 8 hours a night)
Well, that's about all from down here. I hope everyone is going well.


Morning Maw and Lisa. Another hot and muggy day here. I have been paying close attention to Rita also. We have family in Houston, my grandfather's bother and his family.. I hope they are evacuating.
I am also glad that sk did not go there yesterday for his meeting.

DD had a good gymnastics meet last night. She had her best score on floor yet. We were very proud.

Maw, hope Paw feels better with those stings. Tell him to be careful and to wear that protective suit!!!

Lisa, good luck on your interview.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Good morning Maw. So sorry to hear about Paws ordeal with the bees....I am assuming they were ground boring another "life" if was an inspector at Marine Corps Base at Quantico for pest control for family housing....we had a number of cases of ground boring bees. Paw did the right thing with spraying that wasp spray in the thing is to spread some granular pesticide then water or if rain is in the forecast let Mother Nature do it.


Morning Maw! Those sound like yellow jackets if they are coming out of the ground. I ran across more than one nest in my childhood in the South. Keep an eye on 'em.....lots of TLC! :grin

Not much up here today. Need to get to the gym and mow my lawn but otherwise, I'll just wait for the rain showers to come this afternoon to hopefully cool us off, and soak the pollen down for a few days!

The Cruiser

Morning Maw and friends.

Be over with a cuppa.

Hope Paw is feeling better.

Lisa, Good Luck with the Job Interview.

Yesterday I was mowing the lawn, and my glasses broke. Yikes. Luckly I have a ex pair of glasses. My ex pair are my sunglasses. Off to the eye dr office to have them fixed. Since I'm going to the office I'll make a eye appt.

Have a Great Thurs. :)


:wave :wave :wave

Good morning Maw and the rest of you cruisers. Sorry about paws bees stings. Thank goodness he is not allergic to them or he would be in a heap of trouble.

Not much going on here today; I am work for a couple hours then I am leaving for my six month check up at my onocologist.

The weather is suppose to be nice here in W. PA today but tomorrow the rain will be coming in, which we could use.

Everyone have a safe and happy day.

Cruise cutie

Good Morning maw.and so sorry on the stings..:(.glad Paw is in a hazmat suit to clean the varmints out..
I'm on my 3rd cuppa..talked to my Momma for over an hour..been MONTHS since we could natter at all, for any length of time..the firm is flat out nuts right that was Manna from folks only are 3 hours away by car, but their construction firm pins them down it's hard to connect..:(..sigh...
I am ambling out to Wally World today, and get a few things set for the cruise,Mark has to buy film for our underwater camera..:dizzy..he knows the speed of the film..that's on HIS list of Honey Do's..:grin..and salt for the water water is way hard for use ,so we run a water softener our well...
and he is to pick up bird and squirrel food for my feeders in ready for winter..we store the seed/ food in 30 gallon trash buckets special just for them in the when the feeders empty ( which is a LOT)..he just refills them...
I am also tanning this afternoon, so I don't crisp in the sun..

Scooter is in absolute joy having me home 2 days in a row he is one happy puppy..just anchored at my feet here in the computer room.. wishes and success with your job interview..=hugs..:
hope everyone has a good day..
thoughts with folks in Rita's path..
later kids...:daisy..Joanne.


Yikers Maw tell Paw to cut it out. Even though he doesn't appear to be highly allergic anyone can have a reaction with repeated stings as the body fights off the repeated allergin. Very scary I am highly allergic to bee stings. Liquid Benedryl works quickly to help with the allergic reaction if he has one.. The other thing that works on bee stings is to make a paste out of meat tenderizer and water and apply it right to the stings. The tenderizer has protein in it and pulls out the poison. People should not mess around with repeated stings it only takes minutes to have a reaction even if you haven't had one before. Tell Paw he is grounded! :grin

Had a pretty good day at the new store. My boss called me yesterday to ask how I was doing. I said good Jena. She said well you must be getting the OPS end because you aren't calling me. I said Jena what I don't know the Policy and Procedure Book helps me with but I will yell if I can't figure it out. She then said Judy I am very happy you came to work for us. You have now gone into two stores in two weeks, assessed the situation, quickly decided on a plan of action and acted on it. Thank You. That was a great compliment from this lady and after the two weeks I have had trying to turn around 2 stores it sure felt good.

Two more days and I'm off for a real weekend I can't wait! Of course I have to always be available by phone but that's OK.

Watched the Jet Blue Plane land and breathed a sigh of relief. Then watched these terrible predictions about the hurricane and fell asleep about midnight. Sure is scary stuff.

Good Luck with the job interview Lisa.

red stripe

good morning maw, I am glad that Paw is doing better today.

when spraying wasps etc. I wait until dusk.. they are usually all back in the nest by then.. and so you get all the little perishers..and they are slowing less likely to come out at you.

You need to keep some kind of antihistamine close at hand if paw is going to play with them :)

Lisa, good luck with the job,
gram, I will be thinking of you on this visit.
TC.... stop breaking those glasses :lol

I am off this afternoon..... got a visit with Larry, Curly and Molar :grin..
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Cruise cutie

Thanks Red... BTW..I am buying DUCT tape for gowns. at Wally World.......=lolgang..harness suspension ya know. for halters......need any??......( and I am serious, checked my supply and I'm out..:dizzy..and Mark really likes one of my gowns that requires it..sigh..and since he rarely makes a request..:dizzy....)..:thumb....Joanne


Hey Joanne did Mark request the gown or the suspension? =lolgang brat is now running!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!

The Cruiser

Red, I'll stop breaking my glasses. :lol Glasses are fixed. Had my eye exam doing. The Office had a cancelation, so I took the opeing. Ordered a new pair of glasses.


Morning all....

Sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy. Break time at work....quick catch up on the board. Maw...sorry about Paw...those stings can be nasty!

Lisa63...good luck on your interview...

Another beautiful day here in PA..we have been fortunate..feel bad for all those in the south, where will everyone go? The plane landing was amazing. Can't imagine being the pilot or a passenger!

Things here could be better...treated at docs for staph infection....not fun! Painful

Have a good one all


Good morning fellow @ddicts. Don't remember if I reported in about youngest DD getting her driver's license. Kind of scary to have my baby out there by her self in a vehicle. Went to the insurance agent's office to add her to the policy expecting a whale of an increase. But by adding her, made older DD's rates go down almost as much as the other going up due to making them both part-time drivers rather than everyone being full time drivers. Bottom line, premiums only went up $100 a year. Not too bad! Anyway, another youngster out on the roadways here! Lookout! ! ! ! :grin :grin

Maw, give Paw a hug, hope those darn bees leave him alone.
Lisa, best wishes for your interview
Gram, will be thinking of you today
TC, what red stripe said! ! ! !
Cutie, enjoy your day, it appears Scooter is! :grin
jk, congrats to your DD
Judy, wish some people up here had your work ethic!
red stripe, say hi to Molar for me! :grin :grin Hope its not too bad for you. =hug =hug


Morning everyone! It's a quiet day here for me. Cleaning and resting, waiting for the doctor to call which maybe today, tomorrow, next week - who knows? DH and I are also planning our next cruises and trips - looks like Paris in late May and then we are looking at a b2b Alaska next September.

I am praying for all in Rita's path and watching the coverage. I am a storm junkie big time so this fills my days.

Maw - Hope Paw isn't too sore from all those stings and that he is careful.

Lisa - Good luck with the interview. As for what to say - how about saying that you are interested in a change without giving specifics?

Joanne - Have a great day off. You should warn a girl before you talk about duct tape and formal wear. I christened my monitor.

Red - good luck with the dentist!

Judy - enjoy your weekend off! You sure work hard for them. Glad the new job is going well.

gram - good luck at the doctors.

Hope it's a good day!



Sorry abt that trip to dentist Red -now don't you take out walking there again.

TC glad glasses are all fixed and you got the eye exam in at same time.

Gram good wishes on visit to Dr. Always good when you get thru those 6 month visits.

Tread isn't it scary when the kids all get on road but at least with drivers license you won't feel so much like a taxi at times.

Lisa will be anxious to hear how interview goes. Good luck.

Bostion J sounds like you have had your hands full with this new store situations and good luck with the employee issues.

Cuties I get tired just reading your schedules some days.

Meg hope that Dr calls so you can get on with making plans.

Niecie will be waiting to hear how it goes with Dr.

Donna I must have missed it did you Mom have her surgery (procedure and do all right)

Paw is hiding insdie today from those stingers-he will get something tomorrow at Dr. in case he runs into them again.


Good morning. I am really late this morning! It is quite cool here first thing in the morning. Nice to wake up to! It has been warming up during the day and then cooling off again in the evening. Nice.

Not much going on here - Move to Improve later. On Tuesday I only did a modified plan. Didn't thnk I should push it after a week of not doing a thing! But think I am ready to do the full course today.

Paw - watch those stings and be careful not to get stung ever again!! Our youngest has been stung twice in her life and is now getting allergy shots and has to carry the pen with her at all times. Scary.

Have a good day everyone.