My pixie


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Today my beloved Mr. Pixie cat died in my arms at the vet. I miss him so much and am very lonely now with out my furry black cat with me. His funeral is on monday morning where he will be cremated.
He was very sick with kidney failure thats common with older male cats. I just cant believe he is gone. I will miss his kitty kisses he gives me and when he rubs on me and follows me around my home. He was a great cat I got at Atlanta humane society for my old girlfriend and when she moved to hawaii she called me to come get him and I lived with pixie for many years. he was my best friend ever and I miss him.


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I'm so sorry, Dusky. Many of us know what you're going through, having experienced it ourselves.

Just try to remember that you did Mr. Pixie a kindness.

I'm sure that many @ddicts' furbabies, including my Topaz, were at the other end of Rainbow Bridge to welcome Mr. Pixie when he crossed over.

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I am so sorry that your Pixie has died.

Hopefully many of the other fur babies that have died here are meeting Pixie at the end of the Rainbow bridge.


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So sorry Duskbat....I know you will truly miss your friend and companion. Hugs for you ((((duskbat))))


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Sorry for your loss......I know that he was greeted by so many of our pets that preceded him across the Rainbow Bridge.......Lexi and Bandit, my Grand Pets were very cat friendly. Hard as it is/was, you did your best friend a great service.


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Duskbat, I am so sorry. I'm sure our Bootsie was there waiting to welcome your Mr. Pixie. It's hard to lose a furbaby.


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Oh Dusky, I am so sorry to hear about you loss of Mr. Pixie....sounds like you had many fond memories together....hold onto them and I know he is at Rainbow Bridge heathy once again with all our beloved furbabies.


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Dusk - I am so sorry for your loss. I too have a cat that is my constant companion and I know how lonely it must be without Mr. Pixie. It was a blessing and a kindness that you did for him. I hope that you find some comfort in that.



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Aww, Duskie, sorry to hear this. It's hard when we lose someone who has been a loving companion, especially if they have shared our life for many many years. They become woven into the fabric of our lives, and when they are gone, they leave a hole that seems so very empty. I remember lots of pic of Mr. Pixie. They always made me smile.


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Thank you every one
It will be a week today I lost my pixie. I have been doing well. They say the best things in life are music and cats. I am at home listening to some nice music and a new kitty on the horizon. mr. pixie was cremated on monday and now has a nice spot on a shelf here with her dog friend boomer. pixie is at rainbow bridge eating hamster and seafood tacos now.
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.

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