My Winter Wonderland


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Denise - Thanks for sharing your pictures as it sure is pretty. We are waiting for it to begin here and I am hoping for a nice storm and whitecaps on the ocean. I did hear that they are predicting high winds and if we get them then my house will be rocking! Love that!

Stay warm and safe everyone who is getting winter weather!



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It is 7:40 and still snowing but much lighter so it looks like it might be ending soon. Digging out tomorow will be a big job for a lot of people. SILs and grandsons are suppose to take care of it for us.


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Mal just looked out and said the snow is picking up again. We're hoping the neighbor will get the snow blower out tomorrow....if it's not too much snow for it.

Denise, thanks for keeping us posted for what was heading our way! :thumbup:

Here are pictures he took a few minutes ago......



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It is beautiful but I have to say I'm not jealous, I'm one those people that hates winter. I feel for those poor people that planned to do a lot of Xmas shopping this weekend. Stay warm & stay safe.