Our last question before we book tomorrow! ...


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OK, after circumnavigating (har!) the TA we've been using, somehow I've managed to find the HAL Oosterdam room we originally wanted but were told was unavailable. Not sure how all that works with those guys, but now I've decided to just book straight with HAL.

Here's our last question... We're narrowed down now to four cruise dates for our Alaska trip on the Oosterdam (chosen specifically for its larger rooms) ...

July 11
July 18
Aug 8
Aug 15

So the question is, considering this trip is mostly for my 86 yo Grandmother, which of these cruise dates has the best potential for favorable weather and a good ship atmosphere?

Thanks for all your help guys!
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We loved our Alaskan cruises that we did in July -- so I would choose either July 11 or July 18.

Aug 15 -- we did a cruise the 4th week of Aug and had a lot of rain -- so I would stay away from that date.

Let us know what date you select.


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#1) The itinerary you are looking at entails only the lower panhandle of Alaska. This area is a rain forest. You need to be aware of this and be prepared for the very distinct possibility of rain; possibly even every day!

You're asking us to predict the weather, a couple months out? We're Cruise @ddicts, not meterologists. Even the professionals can't predict the weather that far out. But, never one to pass up a challenge, I can give you a weather history for your ports -

Go to:
Juneau - http://www.vacationstogo.com/cruise_port/Juneau__AK.cfm
Sitka - http://www.vacationstogo.com/cruise_port/Sitka__AK.cfm
Ketchikan - http://www.vacationstogo.com/cruise_port/Juneau__AK.cfm
Victoria - http://www.vacationstogo.com/cruise_port/Victoria__BC__Canada.cfm

#2) The ship atmosphere? That's going to depend on the makeup of the passengers, the crew, the weather, the entertainment, the mechanics of the ship herself, and possibly the allignment of the stars ... That's just way too many variables.

Be assured that the cruise line is going to do everything, within reason, to accommodate you and give you a good, safe voyage.

The bottom line? If you go with a positive attitude and be flexible enough to make lemonaide when things don't go perfectly ... you'll have a great cruise.
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It's tomorrow already and past but just in case here's my answer.

It would make no difference in any of those dates.