:phone ROLL CALL: Post a REPLY and Say Hello!



Hi Everyone, For the first time ever we're able to conduct a community-wide ROLL CALL. What this means is all users on all forums will now have the chance to participate in this roll call thread. So please participate as I'm very excited about the possible results.

What is a ROLL CALL? A Cruise Addicts ROLL CALL post lets users posts a "HELLO" and introduce themselves to everyone and tell alittle about yourself.. such as your home location, whats your thinking (possibly an upcoming cruise), weather etc. Its allot of fun and something we have enjoyed doing here for over 6yrs now.

So now its my turn for my ROLL CALL entry.

Hi Everyone, Good afternoon from Palmetto, FL USA. My name is John and I'm a Cruise Addict! HOT!

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys this new feature.

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Hi Everyone,this is Korina and John from Colorado Springs Co,going on third cruise this Sept. a New England cruise starting from New York, to Maine,Rhode Island, Nova Scotia,Boston,Marthas Vineyard and back to New York. Next year we booked for the Golden Princess cruise with a bunch of these crazy addicts who I finally get to meet.John is a cable tech for Adelphia,soon to become Comcast and I work from home in Sales.We have three grown children all moved out and two dogs Lady a dalmation and Fred a basset. Hi everyone!


Hello fellow Cruise Addicts! Glorya and Gordon here. No cruises for us this year, but that's alright because our DD starts University this fall. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had an amazing weekend. TWO weekends in a row without rain! Oh my gosh, it was unbelievable!!! But rain is due back tonight for the rest of the week. Lovely! We have 8 critters at our house: 1 dog, 4 cats (Connie, caught up yet?), 2 cockatiels and a parrot. I often wonder how much cleaner my house would be if I didn't have all those hearts to love, but it sure wouldn't be worth it to find out!


:waveHi all,
My name is Cyndi and my DH is Ed and we live in Williamsburg VA, we have for over 20 years now. We love living in Williamsburg, as we get the opportunity to have lots of company. Many people come here to see the historic triangle, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.
Ed is a Computer System Engineer, this is his second career, after 30 years in the Air Force. Because of Ed's job we get to travel extensively, especially to Europe. I have an Antique business, and I am a fine artist,,, well I don't know how fine, but I do sell some of my work from time to time. We have three grown children and 4 grandchildren.
We have been on two cruises, and will be on the Magic in Nov, and then with the
Amigos in 07


Hello, my name is Regina and I am also an @ddict.

I live in The City of Orange, CA with dh Ken and 2 miniature pinschers Spike & Buddy.
As you can see below, we have 2 cruises planned. I know there will also be another mini cruise stuck in there around Oct-Nov, maybe even a daycruise to Catalina. Business is keeping us too busy to take more than 1 week long cruise a year.



Hi, my name is connie and I live in the beautiful metropolitan St Louis, Mo area. I am employed by Walgreens as the manager of the photolab, and I am currently trying to get into profitable photography. I am divorced with one married son and two cats, Maxie (the b&w) and Scooter (the blue) (see avatar above). No cruises planned for the forseeable future, the one I had planned for December is a no go because my boss will not let me take a vacation then. I told them I am planning on calling in sick for the month!



Lynn and Chris checking in from Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA. Our twin girls turned 2 yesterday!!! Chris' oldest daughter is attending Mount Holyoke College (first year). We are hoping to cruise again when the twins get a little older.


Mike and Jan from Glen Burnie Maryland. Mike retired from Navy after 20 years now works for FCC. I am currently a merchandiser for Hallmark. We love cruising, have been on 6 in the past 5 years, Next one scheduled is the Caribbean Princess for January 28, 2007:)

Jill B

G'Day. Jill and DH Rick from sunny South Australia. We live (and work) in a big old house in a beachside suburb of Adelaide; have 4 grown kids between us, and one beautiful grand daughter.
Next cruise is January 2007, not soon enough :lol


Hi, Joel from sunny south Alabama (near Mobile). I've 21 cruises under my belt with 4 on the books (a first for me), and, oh yeah, quite an addict!


Hi Philip from New York City Forest Hills to be exact in Queens Ny expecting first Child in November I work as a shiplookout for the Maritime Association of the port of ny/nj and responsible for keeping track of all the ships coming and going in the ports of ny/nj and ct hello all


Beryl checking in from the south east corner of Beautiful British Columbia! Hint to all you cruisers out there. If you have a chance to go on a Cruise Addict group cruise....do it!!! I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful my cruise aboard the Sun Princess was and that was mostly because of the wonderful people I met from this site!!

Cruise cutie

:wave Joanne and Mark checking in from Central Vermont... we have 5 grown children between us..the 4 daughters all graduated from college, and moved away..no weddings YET..:grin..youngest son in college now.... I am a Charge Nurse in a Nursing Home locally and husband Mark is a Civil Engineer for the Agency of Transportation-State of Vermont .. we have 2 kitties and a Great Pyranee's - Scooter who is 4 years old and in my avatar..

we have 7 cruises to our names.. the last one MOS@IC with all the rest of the @ddicts...we have 2 cruises booked in the next 13 months..life is good...and just back yesterday from our every other year - 2 weeks in Aruba land cruise at our time share...

Cruise @ddicts is the best, and I enjoy all the caring, sharing, and sense of faith and friendship here..Many thanks to Captain John and Wife/ First Mate April.....

Hope to be able to be around for many years/cruises to come.... :daisy..Joanne


Hello everyone! Nessie here from Sharpsburg Ga.! C@ has been my home here for 5 yrs. I have a land cruise scheduled in June and a real cruise for Oct. One son and 3 dogs keep me busy. :)


Hi :wave Maureen here from Cincinnati Ohio. I am a MIS Project Manager. I have 3 grown kids in their 20's Dan, Amy & Kelly, a DIL Maria, and a BF named Keith. All of us love to cruise. :D :wave


Good day Cruise Addicts. My name is Lisa, I am single and I live in Alaska! And I get to go on the 2007 group cruise....Yay!