RCL Diamond and Diamond Plus --- To --- Elite On Celebrity


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Recently off the Celebrity Equinox....early summer cruise to East and West Caribbean. We were invaded by RCL frequent cruisers (not a bad thing) Mostly from Florida. Was wondering if anyone has thoughts on the cross over benefits of one to the other. Last time I went over I was kinda disappointed but it was 10 yrs ago. I'm still elite on X.
Also has the "perk" program actually almost killed the Elite Lounge ? Most folks are getting a drink package some how or other .. ;) and with that really never show up for the "Free cocktails" Most people there were crossover from RCL ..not from the X program.

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We were elite on our first celebrity cruise because of diamond on rccl, really did not use any perks since we were in suite and had suite perks ,even on rccl we still buy drink package even though we have access to suite and diamond lounges.