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I was signed up for a cruise on the NCL Gem however we found a better deal on the Regal Princess and we prefer Princess so we have switched to the Regal. We are still cruising New England Canada in Oct 2019. It will be our first time on the Regal so any information would be appreciated. It will also be our first time doing anytime dining instead of traditional dining. We are not thrilled about the medallion but will live with it if they finally have it working once we get onboard.


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OK what is the "Medallion ?
The Medallion is to replace the sail and sign card. It is also to keep information of your preferences such as drinks plus you can put an app on your phone so you can order, drinks, tours and other things from your phone while on the ship. It was supposed to come out over a year ago and still does not work with a few exceptions in a few rooms. Basically someone sold Princess a line of BS that they cannot back up so far.


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Interesting..It seems that more than one "Big" cruise line is having issues with their new app's and web based thingys'. thks


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We have not been on a Princess ship yet that was Medallion equipped, but this past December we were on MSC's Seaside which does have a similar system. It worked great, all over the ship. Used it anytime we would have needed to show our keycard. It unlocks the cabin door. Nice not to have to carry a card. You wear the device on your wrist like a watch.

Other uses include:
  1. Daily Planner always available on the App
  2. Make dinner and show reservations (reservations for the main theater are required on MSC).
  3. Includes a detailed deck plan and identifies exactly where you are standing so you can easily find your way to where you want to go.
  4. Will soon have person to person texting (or voice?).
  5. No problems encountered with the key card or the APP on our phones.
Requires the use of smartphone or tablets (Android or IOS) for all "other uses include" section. I wore mine all the time, my DW most of the time.

I do not know how much of the above applies to Princess' Medallion system, but I would guess much of it.