So,.....What do YOU do?



I am a farmer's wife so the list of what I do is endless and varied. Mainly tho I take care of all of our baby calves that we purchase from local dairies when they are a day old. They are a handful as we generally have 75-150 on milk at any one time. Also raise dairy alfalfa, organic corn and soybeans. Add caring for my 2 boys who are still at home. Spare time I am in the pit crew for the 3 go-karters in the family.


Child Support Enforcement Officer- employed by the Great State of Mississippi- . My husband is the Manager of a small radio group- (5 stations) here in the Mississippi Delta, that's where my cruise money comes from . . .
I saw some other State/Fed gov't employees posting . . . Watergirl seems to have a job most like Clint's.

Happy Sailing y'all


Hi all - I'm a Maitre D' at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury NY (Long Island). - herb


Both hubby and I are retired. Hubby two years ago, me Dec.2000. Both love it, we keep busy with home, family and friends. Going back to some volunteering soon. We keep cruise "dreamin" also. One scheduled for Oct. then we we have to start planning more but also digging deeper for $$$.
I feel we have been so blessed in our lives that if Oct. is the last one that will also be ok, but hope for many more..
Theresa A


My paycheck comes from a large international pharmaceutical company that I work for as a quality assurance technician. You would not believe some of the things that I do to satisfy FDA regulations, but it is truly critical to maintain quality. I have dabbled in the past as a part time travel agent in outside sales, and hope to make that my "fun" full time job in about 4 years. So all these cruises are required experience! The work I do without receiving an actual paycheck...well that is too long of a list! LOL My husband is owner/manager of a wholesale meat company, and most recently, a landscape product delivery service. His main job however is keeping me happy, and he is doing a very good job.


Hubby is a Sr Systems Engineer........ this is why I'm on holiday in San Diego at present! ( He's at work)

I'm an RN/Midwife (and Orthopaedic Trained)
Also a Reiki Master.
Not working at present as both my parents died within 3 months of each other and a close 40 yr old friend died at the same time...............just needed some time to grieve.
Considering becoming a Grief Counselor, if I can fit the classes in between cruises!!!! LOL

Should say that we are also 'hosts' to family and friends from the UK from around May onwards................. we enjoy them all :eek:)
Maybe I should become a Bed and Breakfast place?



Wow, what a crowd! I am a Computer Technical Support Specialist, long way of saying "help desk tech" for a large IT services company. Mrs Rocster is a Billing Specialist for a large magazine publishers clearing house.


Apparently I'm a day late and a dollar short - just found this posting, but wanted to add my 2 cents. I'm an event planner - everything from coporate events to weddings. Wedding season is upon us and I figure I should have my sanity back in October by which time I'll need another cruise.

Isn't it amazing, how such a diverse group comes together for this mutual interest?


Hey Fl Jack !! You banker, me too !!! I'm with that big Red White and Blue one here in Tampa ( and not the one that's merging!)


I am a Medical Secretary in the Claims Dept. of a large "insurance-type" organization. At the moment, I am nearing the end of a 1-yr. LOA (wahhhhhh) however, before returning to work will be sailing May 26th on the Radiance to Alaska (heeheehee). Kinda' keeping my mind off the office, if you know what I mean. Hubby is retired and enjoys cooking, so it all works out.

Sure is nice to meet all you people.