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State Roll Call!



<HTML>Since we have so many new cruisers on our board, I thought it was time we see if we have filled in some of those gaps from a few states that were missing before.
PLEASE, to keep this simple for me :lol :
Just list your STATE that you live in right now. Not how many cruisers from each state, as I am just trying to recognize which states are represented here.
No fare posting more than once either :lol

Just give your board name/s, first name/s, and your city/state, and that way it might take me less time to comprise the list.
As this thread leaves the start page, I will post it's whereabouts so that we can keep it here for a few days to get a good, accurate count, hopefully.

Here we go:

Toto and Pudgey
Chapman, Kansas</HTML>


<HTML>Brent & Laura, from Hollis, (in the presently cold state of) New Hampshire!</HTML>


<HTML>I am assuming the roll call includes those of us from other countries as well.

Sunshine (Robin) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada