Update on my mother



I got a good early Christmas present by finding a place to move my mother, to Fairfax Nursing Center. As some of you know, the last week of our trip to New Zealand/Australia she was taken to the hospital with a bad UTI. This greatly heightened her dementia, and she was catheterized. The combination of these factors led to her former assisted living facility to say they could no longer take care of her. As soon as we came home, even before we unpacked, we had to start looking for someplace to move her. A word to the wise: When you look at a place for elderly relatives, choose one with many levels above what you think is now needed. We had to move hubby's aunt three times, and his mother once so far, and now my mother. Anyhow, we moved her to Burke Health and Rehabilitation Center near us to convalesce. We then started the hunt for a more permanent placement. That sure does take a lot of time and energy, because you are searching on behalf of someone with whom you cannot consult, and whose future condition is unknown. We were lucky enough to find an open bed in Fairfax Nursing Center, which seems to have all the capabilities to take care of her no matter what happens to her condition in the future.


I'm sorry to read about your Mother, Priscilla, but glad you were able to find a suitable facility for her. I know that gives you peace of mind, and I wish her well.


What a sad chore but necessary. Glad to hear you found a place where she will get the care and comfort she needs.

Donna - dsw

So glad you found a good place. Nothing eases your mind more than to know your family is taken care of.

Cruise cutie

=hugs.. as a nurse care-giver to the elderly and rehab, I commend your thinking..:(..sad but true, and blessings on a comfortable future for her, and peace of mind for you...:daisy..Joanne


May your mother settle into her new home quickly. Take peace that she will be safe and will be well cared for. =hug


I know exactly what you mean, and you have my deepest sympathy. We were given 24 hours to move my dad to a skilled nursing facility, and finding an opening is difficult. I'm happy you found something you could at least be pleased with.