What you MUST BRING and what you MUST NOT BRING?



To answer the question about what to bring on an excursion to hold documents and money, I purchased a water proof pouch from Sports Authority, not exactly a water proof wallet as discussed on this board because, I did not what to buy from the internet
It will work I can also put the water camera in it.

Travel itis

I've never needed a power strip, over the door shoe bag, an alarm clock, or the sacred duct tape.

I always take Benedryl gel,(have doctored other passengers with it on 2 cruises) because we like to snorkel. If you don't towel off vigorously enough and get sand flees, it helps clear it up faster, for instance. We take a few medicine cabinet items and always end up using some of them.

Also must have: pen and highlighter, safety pins (don't count on getting a mending kit.) , zip locks, a backpack or bag for the beach/ports, and photocopies of I.D. and credit cards.

We carry our I.D. into port with us, because if something happens (medical emergency) and you don't have your I.D., it's going to be a much bigger deal that it is already. We leave photocopies in the safe. Also it's good to have this in case any of these things get stolen. Photocopy front and back of credit card, so you have the 800# available.

If you're going to send your laundry to be cleaned, make sure you have enough should something get ruined. Case in point: I took 2 pairs of shorts on the Zuiderdam, and the laundry ran my khaki shorts through the ironing machine, destroying the zipper. HAL gave us a credit, but that didn't change that I had 1 pair of denim shorts left.


As for a travel iron....one of my friends did bring one but someone else brought an inexpensive steamer from Wal-Mart and it seemed to work better. We all borrowed the steamer if we needed to "de-wrinkle" something. And it seems to be okay with Carnival to bring the steamer.


The one thing that I did not bring on my cruise last week was a clock for the rooms!!
I am so surprised that Carnival does not have a clock in any of the cabins.... We had a balcony suite & our kids were in an inside cabin......we had to check the TV or a watch for the times!! It was very annoying! I did bring a power strip, it was small & it had a nite lite built into it, & an extension cord that we used for charging the cell phones & my blow dryer.
Definetly cut out alot of clothes!! Bring as many bathing suits as you want! The take along time to dry! We wore bathing suits everyday from 1st thing in the morning until it was time to shower for dinner! Don't bring too may shoes unless you really need them.

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I would bring a small zippered pouch on a keyring attached to a small bungie cord type wristband. When we went to Bermuda last fall for our first cruise, this was great to go out in the town with. I only had to put a little money, the ship's card to my room and my driver's license, just in case I was questioned. I also took this pouch when just going down to the ship's store. It was so much better than carrying around a handbag. I got used to it and when I got home using a full sized handbag was a pain! If you don't have a zippered pouch with a wristband, a cellphone mini-bag would work. Anything small with a section for credit cards and money works. Have fun. Also, I took a rubbermaid plastic bottle with pouch. We smuggled booze aboard and this works good for taking to the pool.
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re: bottle of liquor

Yes and no. Policy is no. Reality is something else.

You might want to scan through various threads over the past few months about people that have.


One item that I never see mentioned and every year at some point I say next year we have to pack a ????. I am going to try and be nice here but remember that there is a lot of eating and drinking on a cruise and if you are in a inside cabin you may want this even more so. So next year I hope to remember to pack a can of room/bathroom deodorizing spray.


Other boards say to bring zip lock bags to take food with you on shore to save $$$

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Bring your own BROAD ! !

Those foxes in the disco get mighty picky. Even at closing time. :)


Most importantly, bring a good attitude. Cruising is all what you make of it!


You might be careful about bringing food off the boat. Remember that other countries also have immigration laws about food, etc.

I'm not sayiing it can't be done, just be sure to be discreet.