What's happening in your neighborhood this weekend?



I have to have an oil change, get a new battery put in and exchange a coat my daughter bought me for Christmas. Then grocery shopping and home to install my new computer and transfer all my information over. Now that is after I unload the 2 ton of paper ontop of my desk.

Mike kept the house very clean, welllllllll lets say he cleaned the house very well before I arrived home. :lol :lol So I will have it easy on that end. But I do need to finish unpacking.

I'll probably make a huge pot of stew and do a little baking too. But mostly I need to catch up on some much needed rest! And they are not predicting any snow this weekend at all! yipppppeeeeee

So what's up on your end of the world?


Good evening. All is quiet on the western front. We had slushy snow this morning, but it is just about gone, at least off the roads. 'They'are predicting rain with sunny periods tomorrow and rain on Sunday.The neighbourhood is real quiet but then it usually is. Don't think the Park is going to have a New Year's Eve party this year. The entertainment committee isn't very with it this year. A lot of illness and a few have been travelling this year. And NO I don't want the job!!

Have a great weekend and get lots of rest.



Kia ora i Rotorua,
Life sounds busy for you! We climbed Rainbow Mountain, taking in the view and amazing colours of a thermal lake on the way. I then unwound by soaking in a hot water (thermal) stream & finished up by picknicking unnder the trees by the stream.Temperature about 21 degrees ( I think that's just over 70 on the old scale). In the far distance we could just see the snow on Ruapehu, one of our active volcanoes, and a popular ski field in the winter. We'll have a winter break by cruising the Baltic in their summer. Great eh?


No snow here, just dreary drizzle and fog. And it is supposed to be cold Sunday. I plan on doing nothing as usual. Ain't retirement grand? Tomorrow is our last Saturday morning bible study, next week it goes to Monday nights. So maybe we will do lunch or something to say goodbye.

I broke a tooth a couple days ago, just chipped a piece off. Not a good time to pay a dentist, so I am toughing it out, but tonight is not good. Ever hear the phrase "hurts like a toothache?" Ouch1

I tried to get my permanent tags on the van Wednesday. The mess up with paperwork on that thing continues. I told them we had done the title transfer last week, but the girl at the license office insisted we didn't, you don't do that when you get temp tags. Since she had just paid it off, the title doesn't reflect the paid lien. They want to see proof. So I have to get the lien relief from Jane, and she has been out of town. Why is nothing ever easy??? I should have just paid the taxes etc when I bought it, but I didn't have the proof of insurance yet.

Then after dealing with that, having to run to Walgreens to get a refund because they charged me twice for an RX, Had to go thru McDonald's drive thru twice to get the correct order, I came home to find Simon had knocked over a jar of sweet peppers (it was sitting on the breakfast bar near my computer to remind me to email them because the jar was bad) and pepper juice went all over the carpet in the living room side of the bar. I flopped disgustedly in my chair, and managed to knock over my travel mug and spill a full cup of coffee all over the kitchen floor. I think I need a nap.


Quiet time in Calgon's Little Corner of the World.

DS and family left Thursday morning. Made it back to AZ last night. Good Christmas, overall. The other kidlet went to Argh-Kansas w/her DH and DS's to spend Christmas w/his parents. No word from them, so I'll assume things went well.

Yesterday was busy. SunFlower and I cleaned out the closets. everything that no longer fit, or that hasn't been worn in the last two years, went to Goodwill. Had to make the IRS's end of year deadline. The Goodwill store is down in the county seat, about 20 miles away. On the way back, we started getting another wet snowfall. Not bad. About a half inch. Got back and saw flashing lights up in town, at the intersection. Switched into my truck and went on up. The guys from Engine 2 were working a three car MVA right outside the satation. I pitched in on traffic control for about an hour while they got the victims out, treated, packaged and off to the hospitals. While that was going on, we got another call for another MVA just outside town. Engine 1 and Brush 2 headed out on that. About 3p I headed home to get some sleep before my midnight shift.

Ya know? It's winter. This is Michigan. You'd think folks would realize that and drive accordingly.

I love my job as a firefighter; but I love it even more when my skills are not needed!

Anyway, woke up at 10p, with the siren going off for an engine and manpower assist to the neighboring town for a structure fire.

Night shift here at the hospital was quiet. Only a couple patients in the ED. It's now approaching 7a, the unlocks are done and we're ready for Saturday business ...

I'll be heading home at 11a, and be back at 11p tonight.