Zsa Zsa Update



You all were so nice when I got Zsa Zsa and posted some photos. I just thought I would let you know how she is doing.

She is really coming out of her shyness around us and has settled into her new home. She loves to steal my slippers in the morning when I am getting ready and put them in her crate! She is really a very good girl but still a bit timid. You can tell she wants to trust us all the way but will still hang back at times. She is learning a few commands such as sit and up. I am waiting on a few books from the library and will work on some more training. We also have purchased a wireless fence and we are working with her on learning the bounderies.

On Christmas I worried that she would be really scared with everyone around but she did great. We had moved her crate to our bedroom and let her know it was there. Only once during the day did she "hide out" for a while, the rest of the time she was in the thick of things.

She and I went for a long walk the day after Christmas. She really liked that. It will be so nice when the weather warms up and we can walk a lot together.

She "bounces" when she gets excited. She bounces when she sees our cat or any other animal. She bounces when I come home and she is excited. It's very comical to watch her.

She is my little shadow and loves to follow me around the house. I just love this little girl to pieces. Here are a few photos:

My DD and Zsa zsa in their Christmas Hats

Zsa Zsa ready for Christmas



I danno. I think DD is pretty, but Zsa Zsa I just want to snuggle and hug and scritch and talk to in a high funny voice! She's a cutie pic! (Ok, so is DD!)


Thanks for the update. I was wondering about her, and by the way, she's beautiful.